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ISKCON Resources
The Hare Krishna Data Heap
Access to the resources on these pages is free to everyone as long as the BBT International copyrights and other copyrights are observed and respected.

ISKCON has a number of resources to offer to fulfill various demands. For now, however, we can only offer the links that are activated. The other categories are under construction. The categories we get ready in due course of time will be announced in the main page News Flash.

  • ISKCON Supported Homepages
    Here you will find the links to (hopefully) all other Hare Krishna Homepages that are supported by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

  • Research Data
    Here scientifically minded people, teachers, indologists, etc. will find a source of valuable knowledge and information, presented in the form of books and articles written by and for scholars, journalists and critics. It also provides a good basis for university and college students to get acquainted with Vedic wisdom in general and Vaishnavism in specific. Among other things you will find the entire Bhagavad-gita As It Is on-line. For essays on various philosophical topics please consult the Philosophy section.

  • Local Programs
    Announcements of seminars, courses, retreats, programs at local centers, Asian Indian community programs, and programs for children can be found here.

  • ISKCON Projects
    ISKCON has many projects run by individual devotees or groups of devotees to contribute to the major goals of the movement and to implement the Vedic teachings into society. They are all projects you may want to get involved in in some way or another.

  • Service Opportunities
    Other ways for those interested in actively supporting our movement are the various opportunities for service in ISKCON. We are a world wide movement with a lot to offer.

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