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In Vaikuntha, where the buildings are made of cintamani [touch stone] and the trees fullfill all desires, the Supreme Lord Narayana is being worshiped by an unlimited number of devotees who are all liberated souls. There He is seated on an effulgent throne with Laksmi at His side.

[Laksmi-Narayana being served in Vaikuntha]


[Lord Krishna entering His city Dvaraka]

"As the Lord passed along the public road of Dvaraka, His head was protected from the sunshine by a white umbrella. White feathered fans moved in semicircles, and showers of flowers fell upon the road. His yellow garments and garlands of flowers made it appear as if a dark cloud were surrounded simultaneously by sun, moon, lightning and rainbows." (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.11.27)

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