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"After Kamsa's wrestlers expressed their determination, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the killer of Madhu, confronted Canura, and Lord Balarama, the son of Rohini, confronted Mustika. Krishna and Canura and then Balarama and Mustika locked themselves hand to hand, leg to leg. The fighting increased as they pushed one another from one place to another. One captured another and threw him down on the ground, and another rushed from the back to the front of another and tried to overcome him with a hold. The fighting increased step by step. All the arts of wrestling were perfectly exhibited by the parties, as each tried his best to defeat his opponent." [Krishna and Balarama wrestling in the arena of King Kamsa]


[Krishna killing Kamsa] "Kamsa was prepared for Krishna's attack, for he knew from the beginning that He was to be the supreme cause of his death. He immediately unsheathed his sword and prepared to answer the challenge of Krishna with sword and shield. As Kamsa wielded his sword up and down, hither and thither, Lord Krishna, the supreme powerful Lord, caught hold of him with great force. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the shelter of the complete creation and from whose lotus navel the whole creation is manifested, immediately knocked the crown from the head of Kamsa and grabbed his long hair in His hand. He then dragged Kamsa from his seat to the wrestling dais and threw him down. Then Krishna straddled his chest and began to strike him over and over again. Simply from the strokes of His fist, Kamsa lost his vital force."

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