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Yup, it isn't always that easy. Sometimes search sites are down, sometimes overburdened, and with more and more indexes and robots popping up all over the confusion isn't getting less either. All are bigger and faster than the others. Some have twenty search options, some have none. What is all this fuzz about anyway?

C|Net has a very nice service offering more than 250 search facilities on one site, fast and neat. The engines are categorized and you can even set up a personal page with the search engines of your choice. There is no more comprehensive search site available on the Web, so if you want to get down to business, start there.

The overview presented here is based on C|Net's excellent service and mainly meant as a service to the text-only fans and victims. It will give you an idea of what type of search facilities are available on the Web and at the same time offers a chance to actually try them out. It is not a comparative study meant to reveal the absolutely best search engine or index. There is no such thing, as it all depends on your personal needs; what type of information you are looking for and how picky you are on search capabilities.

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Of course, some of these links may be outdated or otherwise invalid. If you encounter any of these, please send us some feedback. We will try to keep this page updated as much as possible, but that can only be done with your help. Thanks.

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